wtorek, 22 października 2013

Touching The Void - Parallel Lives

Andy Oppenheimer is the very unusual person. Mainly he's expert in counter terrorism and explosives, an author, analyst and lecturer on defense and mass destruction weapons. Secondly he's a talented singer/songwriter who currently participates in three different musical projects with musicians from three different countries. Way back in early 1980s Andy was one of the synthpop's pioneers involved in early New Wave and New Romantic club scene, influenced by The Human League and Soft Cell. In 1982 he formed with his friend Martin Lloyd a London based band Oppenheimer Analysis. In next two years they wrote and recorded several songs, which were released on casette titled "New Mexico", they also played some gigs in London and Brighton until their split up in 1984. Andy and Martin decided to reactivate their band around year 2005. Since their comeback they play occasional concerts in England and continental Europe, they also released 12inch four-track EP "Oppenheimer Analysis" (Minimal Wave, MW001) with early material which proceeded a CDR compilation of remaining old recordings entitled "Songs From The Atomic Age" and another CDR with new songs "Der Weissenschaftler". In last three years Andy widened his music engangament starting two more artistic projects. The first one, named Oppenheimer MKII with Mahk Rumbae ( a member of the Konstruktivists ), has just released an album "The Presence Of The Abnormal" (Klanggalerie, gg172). The second one, named Touching The Void, founded with electronic music producer Mark Warner signed a contract with a German independent record label No Emb Blanc and released on 30 November 2012 first single "Parallel Lives" (No Emb Blanc, NEB009) containing two songs "Parallel Lives" and "Highbury Fields". Especially, the title song has some inner magic.   

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