czwartek, 24 października 2013

The Dark Flowers - Radioland

When a new wave band B-Movie split up in 1986 one of its founding member, a guitarist Paul Statham has started a longtime collaboration with a singer Peter Murphy (ex-Bauhaus) as his co-writer of all his studio albums released in years 1986 - 2004. In the meantime he co-wrote and produced albums for then unknown vocalist Dido achieving world wide success with the song "Here With Me". In following years he became one of the more busier songriters and producers in pop and rock music scene working for such artists lke Kylie Minogue, Dot Allison, Shara Nelson, Helicopter Girl, The Saturdays and many more. Around a year 2009 he started his solo project named The Dark Flowers assembling musicians and vocalists with whom he worked earlier on their productions. This project was inspired by a novel "Motel Chronicles", a collection of poems and memoirs written by an Amaerican author and playright Sam Shepard. All by himself he recorded music backgrounds for twelve songs and next he invited Peter Murphy, Jim Kerr (Simple Minds' leader), Shelley Poole, Dot Allison, Helicopter Girl and a couple of newcomers, a Norwegian artist Kate Havnevik and British singer/songwriter Catherine A.D. to choose and to interprete individually by them exerpts and passages from Shepard's novel. Together they created magical music, maybe a little melancholic and nostalgic, but delicate and smooth. Someone has called it "a dark country record". My most favourite song of this album titled "Radioland" which was released on 2012 is "Fast Forrest Rain" sung by aforementioned Kate Havnevik

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