środa, 31 grudnia 2014

St. Vincent - The Cheerleader

St. Vincent is the stage name of Annie Clark, a very talented American multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. She took her moniker from Nick Cave’s song called „Ther She Goes My Beautiful World” which refers to the hospital in which Dylan Thomas died ("And Dylan Thomas died drunk in/ St. Vincent's hospital"). Till now she realeased four solo studio albums, the debut „Marry Me” (2007, Beggars Banquet  BBQCD 254) followed by „Actor” (2009, 4AD CAD 2919), „Strange Mercy” (2011, 4AD CAD 3123) and self-titled „St. Vincent” (2014, Loma Vista/Republic Records UNIW 40354). In 2012 she also released in collaboration with David Byrne (a member of Talking Heads) an album „Love This Giant” (4AD CAD 3231). Worth to mention that all these records were well received by critics and one by one gradually gained more and more commercial attention. Over few last years she spread her musical activity in various projects, in 2012 she featured on Andrew Bird's album ”Break It Yourself” singing on "Lusitania", also provided guest vocals for the song "What's the Use of Won'drin'" on the album „Who Killed Amanda Palmer” from Amanda Palmer (formerly of The Dresden Dolls) and appeared on the film soundtrack of The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn – Part 2, in 2014 Annie Clark fronted Nirvana performing lead vocals on „Lithium” at the 29th Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and also provided vocals on the Swans’ album „To Be Kind”. So it’s might be said that she has bright future and straight way leading her to worldwide fame and stardom.

wtorek, 30 grudnia 2014

The Vyllies - Can You Hear The Witches Laugh?

The Vyllies was an all-female band from Switzerland, active in years 1983 - 1988. It comprised of Ilona Prism (bass, vocals), Ursula Nun (keyboards) and Manue Moan (vocals) who first met at the University of Lausanne. During its career they released two studio albums : "Lilith" (1985, Out Of Tune Records DT 275-09) and "Sacred Games" (1987, Out Of Tune Records  DT 276-09), as well as several singles and mini-LPs : "The Vyllies" (1984, Creep Records CREEP 06), "Velvet Tales" (1985, Out Of Tune Records DT 274-4), "Ahia" (1986, Fun After All Records FAA 103) and "Now We Fall" (1987, Out Of Tune Records P-124). They also toured successfully in Switzerland and other European countries, sometimes as a support to such bands like Minimal Compact, Sex Gang Children or The Gun Club. They created and polished their unique style, a mix of gothic rock, dark wave with melodic synth sounds. My favorite song of this band is "Give Me A Name" from their first album "Lilith".

poniedziałek, 29 grudnia 2014

The Church - Under The Milky Way

One of my all-time favorites is "Under The Milky Way" by an Australian band The Church. It's pure timeless. And incredible beautiful. This song's coming from their album "Starfish" ( Arista, 258 895 ) and was also released as a single in 1988 ( Arista, 609 778 ).

poniedziałek, 8 grudnia 2014

The Comsat Angels - My Mind's Eye

The Comsat Angels was the post-punk band from Sheffield, England, active in years 1978 - 1995 and consisted of Stephen Fellows (guitar, vocals), Kevin Bacon (bass guitar), Andy Peake (keyboards), Mik Glaisher (drums). Although they recorded eight full-lenght albums and twice more singles, their masterpiece, in my opinion, was indisputably their last but one album "My Mind's Eye" (RPM Records, CSA 101) released in 1992. So I agree with band's leader Stephen Fellows who when was asked which their album was his favorite he actually named "My Mind's Eye". My personal choice from this album is a song titled "I Come From The Sun".