niedziela, 22 czerwca 2014

John Costello - Egypt

John Costello is an English composer and musision creating electronic music since the 80s. I have just listened to his song "Egypt" which is actually a cover of the one track from Tuxedomoon epic album "Holy Wars". John Costello's cover is coming from compilation album "Adaptations From The Moon - Tuxedomooning The World" released by in 2007. His version has got really magical touch. Worth to listen frequently.

wtorek, 17 czerwca 2014

Duran Duran - Nigh Boat

Duran Duran. New Romantic in the purest form. But before they became pop music worldwide stars they recorded quite unusual song titled "Night Boat". This track is coming from their first studio album "Duran Duran" ( EMI - EMC 3372 ) which was released in 1981. It's a true gem, so sophisticated that it can be described as a classic new wave anthem.

poniedziałek, 16 czerwca 2014

The Danse Society - Scarey Tales

The Danse Society was one of the earliest gothic rock bands in UK. They achieved quite a cult status among many fans but they part their ways after recording only three full-length albums "Seduction" ( Society Records, SOC 882 ), "Heaven Is Waiting" ( Arista, 205 972 ), "Looking Through" ( Society Records, SOC 886 ). Almost fifteen years' hiatus was ended in 2010 when the most of the band's original line-up got together ( Paul Nash, guitars; Paul Gilmartin, drums ) and shame, but without their charismatic vocalist Steven Rawlings. Since then the reformed band released two more albums "Change Of Skin" ( Society Records 711 ) and "Scarey Tales" ( Society Records 213 ). Currently the band is working on a new album with yet another line-up : Paul Nash ( guitars ), David Whitaker ( keyboards ), Maethelyiah ( vocals ), Lee Jones ( drums ), Iain Hunter ( bass ).