środa, 11 września 2013

Chatelaine - Take A Line For A Walk

Chatelaine is a solo project of Toni Halliday, a former vocalist in an English shoegaze band Curve. She's been in this band alongside Dean Garcia (guitars, bass, drums, programming) for over 15 years, from 1990 til 2005. After their split she needed almost five years to make some impact on music scene with the debut album of the aforementioned act called Chatelaine titled "Take A Line For A Walk" which was released in 2010. This album is a collaboration between her and a female songwriter/producer Louise Dowd. It features nine songs and two more remixes. The complete album's tracklist : "Broken Bones", "Oh Daddy", "Life Remains", "Stripped Out", "Shifting Sands", "Killing Feeling", "Take a Line For a Walk", "Head To Head" and "Seen and Lost" and two more remixes : "Broken Bones ( Depreciation Guild Remix)", "Broken Bones (Flood Remix)". In my opinion, the track titled "Head To Head" is admittedly the most impressive song from all listed above. Really it's a great stuff. The rumour is that Toni works on the next Chatelaine album which is due to release yet in 2013. 

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