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Tones On Tail - Pop, Twist & Happiness

Tones On Tail was formed by Daniel Ash, a guitarist in the gothic rock legend group Bauhaus as his musical side project in 1982. He took as a partner in this project his school friend and flatmate Glenn Campling (bass, keyboards). As the duo they released in two years time (1982 - 1983) three consecutive EPs and maxi-singles : "Tones On Tail" (4AD BAD 203, 1982, tracklist : "A Bigger Splash", "Copper", "Means Of Escape", "Instrumental") , "There's Only One" (Beggar's Banquet BEG 85T, 1982, tracklist : "There's Only One", "Now We Lustre"), "Burning Skies" ( Situation Two SIT 21T, 1983, tracklist : "Burning Skies", "OK, This Is The Pops", "When You're Smiling", "You, The Night And The Music"). The sound they created was almost opposite to dark, gloomy music of Bauhaus. It was much lighter, more rhythmic, dance orientated, an innovative pop. Soon after Bauhaus split up in 1983 they were joined by another member of this band, a drummer Kevin Haskins. In a few months' time they recorded their only full-length studio album entitled "Pop" (Beggar's Banquet BEGA 51) which was released in April 1984. This album could be described as a true gem, musically varied, perfectly played and arranged. Complete album's tracklist : "Lions", "War", "Happiness", "The Never Never (Is Forever)", "Performance", "Slender Fungus", "Movement Of Fear", "Real Life", "Rain". Alongside this album they released next three singles : "Performance"/"Shake" (Beggar's Banquet BEG 106T, March 1984), "Lions"/"Go (Club Mix)" (Beggar's Banquet BEG 109T, May 1984) and "Christian Says"/"Twist" (Beggar's Banquet BEG 121T, November 1984). Although both album and singles have got good reception among fans and occupied high positions on UK indie charts for long weeks Daniel Ash decided to disband Tone On Tail in late 1984 after a successful US tour.   

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