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Tanit - Lola

Tanit was a French new wave or cold wave group from Paris, active in years 1981 - 1985. Formed by Elsa Drezner (vocals) and Pascal Humbert (bass, ex-Sixteen Horsepower and next in Passion Fodder, Woven Hand and Lilium) than joined by Thierry Bertomeu (guitar, ex-Dazibao) and Pascal Normal (drums, ex-Orchestre Rouge). Although being one of the starlets of French cold wave movement, which was blooming in early 80s, they only managed to release one 12inch single "Can An Actor Bleed" (Ecran, 001, 1983) and one EP "To Alaska" (Divine, MAD 1016, 1984). Both these issues were collected by French label Infrastition on released in 2007 compilation, simply entitled "1981-1985" (Infrastition, FIN 020, 2007) which also includes seven bonus tracks, six from them are live recordings plus one is unreleased song "Sisters" from their early days which was re-recorded especially for this album. Complete tracklist : "Night Knight", "Can An Actor Bleed", "Soft Pictures", "Eyes Scream", "Lola", "Echo Und Der Spiegel", "Banshee", "Wawel Song", "Questions, Questions", "Can An Actor Bleed", "She's An Artist", "The Circle", "The Kill", "Stateless Prayer", "All That Is My Own", "Nada Why", "Sisters". Wort to notice is their cover version of song "Lola" originally by an English rock band The Kinks, recorded with Brian Eno. It can say that Tanit was heavily influenced by other cold wave giants like Joy Division or The Cure. In fact, they covered several Joy Divisions's songs, one of them "The Only Mistake" was released on another compilation issued by aforementioned French label Infrastition entitled "30 Years With(Out) Ian Curtis - Transmission 80 - 10" (Infrastition, FIN 056, 2010). 

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