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Manufactured Romance - You

Today we come back to the punk era. One of the most energetic bands of those creating the second wave of punk in the late 70's was London based group Manufactured Romance. Formed in 1978 as Fourth Reich, soon they changed their name to Manufactured Romance. The band lineup was : Nina Spencer (vocals), Nick Medlin (bass), Mark Chapman (guitar), Bob Moore (guitar) and Benny Di Massa (drums). Although they were active in years 1979 - 1982 they released only one single "Time Of My Life"/"Room To Breathe" (Fresh Records, FRESH 016, 1980) and two more their songs "You"/"Long Distance Love" were featured on compilation "Back Stage Pass" (Supermusic Records Co, 1980). Worth to mention fact is that album was also released in Poland in 1985 and achieved some kind of success. In all these years they were frequently supporting UK Subs on their tours, as also they appeared in film "Punk Can Take It". After Bob and Benny split from the band in 1982 and Nina had serious health problems it seemed that Manufactured Romance became history. However, when Nina restored to health in 1983 they reformed once more but they only managed to record several new tracks, as also make some gigs under the name "Foreign Flags". The band reunited in 2008 and released on Jungle Records a CD titled "Time Of My Life" containing all their songs, both from studio sessions, as well live tracks (album's tracklist : "Chameleon", "Deja Vu", "You", "Time Of My Life". "Easy", "Long Distant Love", "Twist The Day", "When You Said", "Criminal Mind"). 

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