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Minimal Compact vs Sophya - Inner Station

Today's post is all about one song entitled "Inner Station" originally released on an album "The Figure One Cuts" (Crammed Discs CRAM 055, 1987) by Israeli top new wave group Minimal Compact. As all tracks on this album this song was written and recorded by all band's members : Malka Spigel (vocals, bass, percussion), Sammy Birnbach (vocals), Berry Sakharof (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Max Franken (drums), Rami Fortis (guitar, vocals). The unique character of this album is credited to John Fryer, an English producer who is known for his production works with such prominent bands as Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Fad Gadget, This Mortal Coil and many more artists clustered around independent record labels 4AD, Beggars Banquet, Mute, Rough Trade. This is their last studio album, in my opinion, more mature and melodic than earlier ones, which achieved some success in alternative clubs, especially in US. It seems that all tracks create one well written story where delicately arranged music complements great lyrics. But the most perfect song of this album is aforementioned "Inner Station". And it's hard to imagine that this song can be better performed by anyone else except Minimal Compact. However it was possible and it have become due to another Israeli band Sophya fronted by a female vocalist Sonja Rozenblum. She gave this song a new life making it more rhythmic although more melancholic, even ethereal. We can say that she transformed this song into the precious music gem. Sophya covered this song on their debut album "The Age Of Sophya" (Pandaimonium Records, Pan 13) released in 2000.

Song's lyrics below :
"Inner station still no train in sight
We are waiting side by side
Slowly slowly, sobbing inside
Inner station and the light's too bright
People meet and people part
Slowly slowly, soaring in trance

Deep down bellow
I'm going down I'm going down
I'm going down and I don't know what I'll discover

Honey changed to mud (blood)
And I look for your core
(Deep down bellow)
Guess I've got the key but I can't see any door
(Deep down bellow)
Walking in circles Thru' this endless corridor
(Deep down bellow)
When I've found I've lost you like a thousand times before
(Deep down bellow)

I'm going down I'm going down
I'm going down and I don't know what I'll discover"

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