poniedziałek, 12 stycznia 2015

Vólkova - Trauma And Dreams

Today's a supplement to my last post. This time it's about a very promising music project from Argentina - Vólkova. The duo consisting of  Cesar Canali and Paula Lazzarino is based in Buenos Aires, the capitol town of Argentina and was formed in 2013. They are heavily influenced by cold wave and minimal electronic jn a truely positive and creating way. Their debut album "Confusion Is A Good Weapon" (Tacuara Records, Kompuphonik Musik, Collaps Records) was released in mid 2013 and has met good reception among fans and music critics. Last year the band released two more EPs : "Silent Howl" (Tacuara Records TR14, Kompuphonik Musik KPM011) and "Trauma And Dreams" (Cintas Triangulares CT-02). In addition to these recordings they successfully toured  native Argentina, Peru and some European countries as Latvia, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy and France. More info about them on their facebook page : www.facebook.com/volkovamusik

środa, 7 stycznia 2015

Varsovia - Postcard from Peru

Quite an unusual stuff for this post. I must say that I have been observing Peruvian indiependent music scene for more than thirty years and I discovered many interesting musicians and bands throughout this time. One of these projects is Varsovia, trio from Lima, the capitol town of Peru. Its members : Sheri Corleone (vocals, guitars), Fernando Pinzas (keyboards, guitar) and Dante Gonzalez (keyboards) formed this band in mid 2011 and were performing mainly in their hometown area. They also recorded some tracks and collected them on their debut album „Recursos Inhumanos” (Buh Records – BR65) which was released on 11th November 2014. The sound they create may be decribed as synth punk or noise wave, it’s very ecclective and stepping into various musical territories. More info on their Facebook page : https://es-es.facebook.com/varsoviasynth


poniedziałek, 5 stycznia 2015

The Sisters Of Mercy - 1959

„1959” by The Sistsers Of Mercy is one of the best rock ballads ever written and recorded. Only vocal and piano make this song so beautiful and thrilling, yet dramatically haunting. Andrew Eldritch planned to release it as a single and even promo video was filmed but it never happened.

Song’s lyrics :
Living as an angel in the place that I was born
Living on air, living in heaven
Giving the lie down, the line to the
There’s my heaven

And I know which way the wind blows in 1959
Which way the wind blows in 1959

And the wind blows still and the wind blows wild again
For a little child and never kill this clean this way
And it feels like me today
Tell me do you feel the same? Isabelle?
Or do you feel like 1959?
Do you feel like 1959?

And the wind blows wild again
And the wind blows wild
In 1959, in 59, Isabelle
Do you, do you fell the same?

Come with me, like a little child
Like another gun
Like homeless, restless, known to none
Like way beyond the line, like it never was in 1959

piątek, 2 stycznia 2015

Blancmange - Semi-Detached

I just received on my box an e-mail advertising the forcoming brand new studio album by an English synth-pop duo Blancmange. This album is meant to be their’s fitth one, it will be entitled „Semi-Detached” and it’s due to realese on 23rd of March 2015 by legendary independent label Cherry Red Records.I must say that I was quite a big fan of this band way back in early 80s as they were storming UK single and album charts with hits like „Waves”, „Living On The Ceiling”, „Don’t Tell Me” or especially „Blind Vision” and albums „Happy Families” (London Records, SH 8552) and „Mange Tout” (London Records, SH 8554) . Unfortunely, the lack of bigger success caused their split-up in 1987, but around the year 2010 both band’s members Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe reunited and almost a quater of a century after their third album „Believe You Me” (London Records, 820301-1) was released, they recorded and published in 2011 their fourth studio album „Blanc Burn” (Proper Records Ltd, PRPCD075). They created much darker sounds on it than on their previous records, but the same or more interesting nad intriguing. So let’s wait and see what this new album will bring.