poniedziałek, 12 stycznia 2015

Vólkova - Trauma And Dreams

Today's a supplement to my last post. This time it's about a very promising music project from Argentina - Vólkova. The duo consisting of  Cesar Canali and Paula Lazzarino is based in Buenos Aires, the capitol town of Argentina and was formed in 2013. They are heavily influenced by cold wave and minimal electronic jn a truely positive and creating way. Their debut album "Confusion Is A Good Weapon" (Tacuara Records, Kompuphonik Musik, Collaps Records) was released in mid 2013 and has met good reception among fans and music critics. Last year the band released two more EPs : "Silent Howl" (Tacuara Records TR14, Kompuphonik Musik KPM011) and "Trauma And Dreams" (Cintas Triangulares CT-02). In addition to these recordings they successfully toured  native Argentina, Peru and some European countries as Latvia, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy and France. More info about them on their facebook page : www.facebook.com/volkovamusik

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