piątek, 20 grudnia 2013

All About Eve - December

Winter is late this year but who cares. Adequate song for today is All About Eve's "December", my all-time favourite track from their album "Scarlet And Other Stories" (Mercury 838 965-2, 1989). The enchanting voice of Julianne Regan makes this song truly magical.

czwartek, 19 grudnia 2013

Spear Of Destiny - The Wheel

It's hard to say that the best for Spear Of Destiny is yet to come. Years 1984 - 1988 were their best  time when they achieved quite a big chart success with hit singles like "Never Take Me Alive" (10 Records, TENT 162) peaked at number 14 on UK Singles Chart in 1987. In this period they also released five studio albums which all were well received by music press and fans : "Grapes Of Wrath" (Epic EPC 25318, 1983), "One Eyed Jacks" (Epic EPC 25836, 1984), "World Service" (Epic EPC 26514, 1985), "Outland" (10 Records DIX 59, 1987), "The Price You Pay" (Virgin 2549, 1988). But when the ultimate breakthrough proceeding them to world star status was inevitably close it came the health problems of Kirk Brandon, band's leader and frequent changes in band's line-up which held their progress. The band survived for next twenty five years til nowadays, mainly around Kirk Brandon, the only ever present band's member, releasing albums and playing gigs in the UK and Europe. Their last work was a studio album "Omega Point" (EasterSnow Recording Company, ESRCLP 010) from 2010 recording by Kirk Brandon (guitar, vocals) and three experienced fellow musicians : Craig Adams (bass, ex-The Sisters Of Mercy, then member of The Mission, The Cult, The Alarm), Adrian Portas (guitar, ex-The New Model Army, ex-Sex Gang Children) and Mike Kelly (drums, The Mission). It was announced that the next Spear Of Destiny's album is due to release in 2014 and it will be titled "Thirty One".