poniedziałek, 11 sierpnia 2014

Eleven Pond - Sitting On Chairs

An American synth-pop band Eleven Pond was formed in 1985 in Rochester, NY with original line-up : John Gallea (music, bass, synths), James Tabbi (lyrics, lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Lyle Wells (electric guitar), Dan Brumley (synths, vocoder). In 1986 they self-released their debut studio album „Bas Relief” (Game Hen Records 500-92686) . Material on their second album titled „Assemblage” was recorded in 1987 but it was never officcialy released till year 2013.  In 2009 an independent record label Dark Entries Records re-released their first album „Bas Relief” (Dark Entries DE-01) which was remastered with cooperation with band members. It was an impulse for John Gallea to reform the band and to play several reunion shows in 2011. They also recorded new songs which were self released by band on their new album „Love&Madness”. The track „Sitting On Chairs” is coming exactly from this album. 
More about the band on :   http://elevenpond.bandcamp.com/ and on their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/ElevenPond


piątek, 8 sierpnia 2014

Kirlian Camera - Black August

Today’s post is an excellent song „Black August” by Kirlian Camera. Kirlian Camera is an Italian band founded in 1980 by Angelo Bergamini. In early days it was strictly synth pop act but gradually stepped into dark wave moods and even grounding electro-gothic territory. Present band’s line-up consist of Angelo Bergamini (electronics, programming) and Elena Alice Fossi (vocals) who joined Kirlian Camera in 1999. The track „Black August” is coming from Kirlian Camera’s last studio album „Black Summer Choirs” (Out Of Line OUT 609), released in 2013.

czwartek, 7 sierpnia 2014

Felt - Primitive Painters

A few words about English indie rock act Felt, which has got a quite unusual background and history. This band ( active in years 1979 – 1989 ) was founded and led from its start to its end by guy named simply Lawrence. A classic line-up which was responsible for their the most successful album „Ignite The Seven Cannons and Set Sail For The Sun” ( 1985, Cherry Red BRED 65) and single „Primitive Painters” (1985, Cherry Red - 12 Cherry 89) consisted of Lawrence (vocals, guitars), Maurice Deebank (guitars), Martin Duffy (keyboards), Marco Thomas (bass) and Gary Ainge (drums). Especially the single „Primitive Painters” produced by Robin Guthrie and featured Elizabeth Frazer ( both of Cocteau Twins) has achieved quite a big success reaching in September’1985 the top spot on The UK Indie Chart and staying there for two weeks. Lawrence disbanded Felt in 1989 announcing that his intention was to release ten singles and ten albums in ten years so when he’s done that it’s time to make an end to this act.