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The Sisters Of Mercy - 1959

„1959” by The Sistsers Of Mercy is one of the best rock ballads ever written and recorded. Only vocal and piano make this song so beautiful and thrilling, yet dramatically haunting. Andrew Eldritch planned to release it as a single and even promo video was filmed but it never happened.

Song’s lyrics :
Living as an angel in the place that I was born
Living on air, living in heaven
Giving the lie down, the line to the
There’s my heaven

And I know which way the wind blows in 1959
Which way the wind blows in 1959

And the wind blows still and the wind blows wild again
For a little child and never kill this clean this way
And it feels like me today
Tell me do you feel the same? Isabelle?
Or do you feel like 1959?
Do you feel like 1959?

And the wind blows wild again
And the wind blows wild
In 1959, in 59, Isabelle
Do you, do you fell the same?

Come with me, like a little child
Like another gun
Like homeless, restless, known to none
Like way beyond the line, like it never was in 1959

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