piątek, 2 stycznia 2015

Blancmange - Semi-Detached

I just received on my box an e-mail advertising the forcoming brand new studio album by an English synth-pop duo Blancmange. This album is meant to be their’s fitth one, it will be entitled „Semi-Detached” and it’s due to realese on 23rd of March 2015 by legendary independent label Cherry Red Records.I must say that I was quite a big fan of this band way back in early 80s as they were storming UK single and album charts with hits like „Waves”, „Living On The Ceiling”, „Don’t Tell Me” or especially „Blind Vision” and albums „Happy Families” (London Records, SH 8552) and „Mange Tout” (London Records, SH 8554) . Unfortunely, the lack of bigger success caused their split-up in 1987, but around the year 2010 both band’s members Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe reunited and almost a quater of a century after their third album „Believe You Me” (London Records, 820301-1) was released, they recorded and published in 2011 their fourth studio album „Blanc Burn” (Proper Records Ltd, PRPCD075). They created much darker sounds on it than on their previous records, but the same or more interesting nad intriguing. So let’s wait and see what this new album will bring. 

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