czwartek, 31 października 2013

Rossetti's Compass - Tear Garden

Rossetti's Compass is a music project which was founded in 2010 by Mark Warner, a former member of Sudeten Creche and current member of Touching The Void, both bands playing dark electronic music. In a year 2013 he was joined by next two musicians : Per Aksel Lundgreen and Martin Bowes and working together they released two EPs : "Tear Garden" (No Emb Blanc, NEB012) and "My Beloved" (Sub Culture Records, SUBCULTURE 012). On October 14th 2013 during live session in the Cage Studios (owned by Martin Bowes) they recorded four new songs which are due to release on November 5th 2013 as their next EP "The Cage Sessions, Session 01". The band will donate all profits from this release to The Cancer Research Charity. The preview is available here :

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